Ask Yelani: Why does my hair feel so dry?

Your head is covered with millions of strands of hair.  Each strand is covered by thousands of scales.  These scales, or the cuticle acts as a protective layer.  When your hair is at it's healthiest and all of these scales are laying smoothly along the length of the hair strand, your hair will be soft and appear shiny.  When this protective layer is damaged, your hair will feel dry, look dull and become brittle.  

Your hair feels dry because you are using products and practices that damage the cuticle layer.  Practices such as excessive heat, the use of cotton fabric etc... will inadvertently cause dryness and damage to our hair.

Suggestions: Satin bonnets, healthy, non toxic hair cleansers and shampoos, hair oils

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Reference: The Black Hair Care Revolution pg 2

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