About the Founder - Yetunde Jude

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My name is Yetunde Jude. I am a real person who truly cares about OUR hair!

In college, I made a heartfelt decision to embrace my natural hair, leaving behind years of chemical treatments. I craved products that would nurture my hair to be healthy, soft, and radiant in its natural state.

Experimenting with ingredients from my kitchen, passed down by my mother and discovered through trial and error, I found ways to soften and care for my hair. As the movement toward natural hair gained momentum among Black women, friends and family began asking me to create products for them, sparking a journey that was initially a personal endeavor, not a business venture.

After college, while navigating a full-time job, I wrestled with how best to make a meaningful contribution to society. My answer came through empowering Black women with straightforward hair care techniques—a passion project that blossomed into a website in 2002. It offered guidance on natural hair care and, in 2009, grew into 'The Black Hair Care Revolution,' a book that expanded on these principles. It provided tips on avoiding harmful chemicals and recipes for homemade alternatives, helping many achieve their hair goals and bringing me immense joy.

In 2010, I began crafting combs and shower caps to support Black women in their hair care routines. By 2014, I was making and sharing homemade products with loved ones, leading to the birth of Yelani in 2016.

Yelani was born out of necessity and love, committed to not only plant-based hair care but also eco-friendly hair accessories. Through personal challenges—marriage, divorce, raising two young children, and juggling full-time work—I found inspiration in my daughters, Alia and Amani, who became the namesake of the brand. Yelani reflects my values of family, health, and empowering Black women, simplifying hair care and reducing stress.

This journey isn't just about products; it's about community, empowerment, and embracing natural beauty.

Join us as we embark on this new chapter together.